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With more than 16 years of experience, Baltimore can deal with any locksmith job or service you may require. We've been voted as the best locksmith in Baltimore by our devoted clients. Our advantage over competition is our wide array of mobile locksmiths spread all around the area, ready, waiting for your call. We specialize in lockouts of cars, houses and businesses. We change locks and also rekey them to make things easier working several locks with the same key. For a lockout service, or change locks/rekey, give us a call now for reliable and friendly service.

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For the fastest and best emergency locksmith service, call us immediately. We're available 24 hours a day, and we're generally 25 minutes away from any client! Lockout service and lock changes too.

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Automotive Locksmith

If you're locked out of your car, or lost your car keys, give us a call and we'll be happy to help you get back into your vehicle or cut you a new replacement key.

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Residential Locksmith

We specialize in residential lockouts, residential lock changes and rekeys. For extra security, ask us about our electronic keypad locks we have on promotion.

Commercial Locksmith in Baltimore

Commercial Locksmith

We make it our business to keep your business safe and secure. If you're locked out, or need new locks installed, give us a call today. We also install exit devices / panic bars / push bars, and rekey locks. Ask us about our high security locks such as Medeco and Mul-T-Lock.

Discover Our Reliable Locksmith Baltimore Services

If you want to access the kind of expert locksmith Baltimore services that you can really rely on, we encourage you to connect with our company today. We offer locksmith Baltimore services which are dependable and professional. As well, we’re pleased to offer these services for affordable rates.

When you choose us, we’ll give you the highest standards of service. As well, we’ll offer customer service which is friendly and helpful. Today, we’d like to share more information about our locksmith Baltimore services. Once you’ve learned all about our company, you’ll be ready to move forward and book an appointment.

Hiring us when commercial or residential locksmith services are needed will be a smart, safe decision. As well, you should know that we provide 24/7 emergency locksmith services, 365 days a year…

Now, we want to give you the inside scoop on all of our services, one or more of which is bound to be right for you!

Do You Need Baltimore Emergency Locksmith Services?

Lockouts are a pain and they happen to homeowners quite a bit. People get locked out because they press the little parts on the backs of their doorknobs without meaning to…and then close their doors without having their keys in their pockets.

  • House Lockouts – Unlock Doorknob or Unlock Deadbolt
  • Car Lockouts – Unlock Car Door or Unlock Trunk
  • Car Keys Made – Transponder Key Replacements and KeyFob Replacements.
  • Lost Keys or Broken Keys
  • Business Lockouts – Any type of commercial lock including offices and storages.
  • Emergency Lock Change – Replace locks or Rekey locks in a hurry.

Also, some doors lock automatically when they shouldn’t and this is another common reason for a residential lockout. When you hire our company today, we’ll be able to get you back inside in record time.

Let us unlock your home, auto, office, or store. We actually have the ability to unlock almost anything. Also, we’re able to replace or re-key car keys. In addition, we are able to change locks fast.

We always have an emergency locksmith on call, so why not get in touch when trouble strikes? We’ll arrive quickly and handle things for you. You don’t have to come to us!

Hire Our Skilled Locksmith Baltimore Automotive

If you want to hire an automotive locksmith company which is highly-rated, affordable and trustworthy, we’ll be there when you need us. We help so many Baltimore residents to get the automotive locksmith services that they require.

  • Car Lockouts
  • Trunk Lockouts
  • Car Keys Made
  • Car Key Programing
  • Keyfobs

For example, if you’ve locked your keys out of your vehicle, because you left them in the ignition and then closed the vehicle door, you should know that we handle this lockout issue regularly and we know exactly how to get you back into your vehicle.

As well, if you’ve locked your keys in your trunk, because you tossed them in there and then shut the trunk without getting the keys out first, we are the right people to contact. Also, if your vehicle keys break or you lose them, don’t hesitate to reach out. We know how to get things back to normal quickly.

We have a trio of processes that we can use in order to get people back in their cars. After we help our clients, we remind them to follow a couple of tips afterwards, in order to reduce the risk of locking themselves out again. For example, we recommend that you make a copy of your vehicle key and also crack one window when you have your keys in your vehicle ignition.

When you follow these tips, you’ll never be without an auto key when you really need one!

Our Baltimore locksmiths have all of the most effective, efficient tools, supplies and equipment, including ultra-modern machines which cut keys. This means that our team are able to cut keys for an array of types of vehicles. We have a big inventory of transponder car keys, high security car keys, metal keys and key fobs. We use one of three methods in order to access locked vehicles and access keys, or make new keys.

Our first method is to take away a door lock and then create a key copy via the lock’s cylinder. This works very well for vehicles that are older, including domestic cars, such as Fords. Older cars and trucks tend to have less electrical wiring inside of their doors. This is good as this type of wiring has a tendency to block doors. Once we take away door locks, we read cylinder cuts and then cut keys which go with them.

Our second method involves picking an ignition with custom tools for “ignition picking”. We’re then able to read cylinders and cut matching keys.

The last process involves accessing vehicle key cuts by extracting codes from VIN databases. A VIN database will contain a car’s information, including its key cuts. We have to pay dealers to access the VIN database, so this type of solution costs more. We need to charge more for it. For this reason, it’s our method of “last resort”. We do it when there’s no other way to get results.

Sometimes, we have to program transponder keys for vehicles. A transponder key will have a chip inside which is of the radio frequency type. This chip will transmit a signal to the anti-theft “immobilizer” inside of an auto. If the signal matches the anti-theft system’s signal, the anti-theft system will be turned off.

We equip our Baltimore locksmiths with computers which allow for the most advanced car programming. This means that we are able to program keys and key fobs with ease.

You’ll Love Our Locksmith Baltimore Residential Services

If you want help with locks at home, be sure to hire us today. You’ll love our residential locksmith services. We are pros who are able to repair, replace and re-key a host of residential locks. Call or email us if you want to get back in when you’re locked out, or you wish to have your house locks re-keyed or replaced.

  • House Lockouts
  • Change Locks
  • Rekey Locks

House lockouts are definitely the most common reason why people choose our company for residential locksmith services. If you’ve locked your keys inside of your home, you probably turned or pushed the small component at the rear of the doorknob by mistake. Then, you closed the doors, thinking that it wouldn’t lock. Of course, you didn’t have your house keys with you.

Our customers do this a lot. We’ve done it ourselves!

Another possibility is that your door locked by accident when you shut it, even though you didn’t accidentally push the little piece at the back of the doorknob. Also, you may have broken your key or lost it.

It doesn’t matter why it happened. What matters is that we’re able to get your back inside quickly. We are masters at unlocking residential doorknobs, locks and deadbolts. We are able to unlock all styles, including high security designs and locks which are “Jimmy-proof”.

If you’re planning a move to a new house or condo, you should contact us. We’ll come in the replace the locks, so that you never have to worry about people who might have keys to the old locks. No one should have keys unless you give them keys. Unfortunately, when you don’t get the locks changed (or re-keyed), people, such as neighbors, real estate agents and contractors, may have near-instant access to your home, via their keys to your property.

Our Locksmith Baltimore Commercial Services Boost Security

Our commercial locksmith Baltimore services are competitively-priced, so they won’t bust your business budget. As well, they are reliable and designed to boost security at your place of business. We work on an array of business locks, including secure warehouse locks, restricted area locks and storefront locks.

  • Business Lockouts
  • Change Locks
  • Rekey Locks
  • High Security Keys
  • Master Key Systems

Also, we do plenty of security upgrades for our business clients. For example, we add high security locks, which come with keys that require authorization before anyone is allowed to duplicate them. We offer our customers the best high security locks, such as products from Mul-T-Lock and Medeco.

If you run a business where employee turnover is common, we definitely recommend that you have us replace or re-key your locks, in order to make certain that no former personnel or their associates have the power to enter your business.

We offer a range of effective security options to our customers, including digital locks which require PIN codes, electronic key pad locks and buzzer systems with magnet locks on doors. We also offer ultra-modern locks which are biometric and require fingerprints before they will unlock.

To book an appointment, please contact us for a consultation.

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